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Actions and means involved

The main actions carried out in the VOICE project were the analysis of various low-input oil crops suitable for the Southern EU climate, the selection of the most interesting ones (focusing on sunflower oil varieties), the cultivation, harvesting and collection of these crops (also considering new mixed-cropping species), the extraction of oil at both farm and industrial level, the valorization of the co-product press cake (for animal feed or other uses), the use of the oil in innovative adapted engines for transports and in small scale energy generation systems, the economic analysis of the whole chain (considering separately farm extraction, industrial extraction, and use in engines for transports or for energy generation), the analysis of fuel taxation under which the different options are implemented and the necessary measures to overcome these barriers, the environmental analysis of selected options, the definition of a possible regional supply chain, the support to the development of a National policy for the promotion of vegetable oil direct use.

Dissemination and training (directly addressing farmers, which could be at the same time biofuel producers and end-users of the biofuel for energy and transports in agriculture) to Southern EU and MED Countries completed the project Workprogramme.

The project partnership combined all the relevant actors and stakeholders in order to maximise the effectiveness and the impact of the action, i.e. public authorities and agencies, research institutes, SMEs, and farmers’ associations. Duration of 39 months has been  constrained by agronomic considerations due to the incorporation of three years of crop cultivation within the project.

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