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Private area

The private area is mainly used for administration and file condivision purposes; the area is password protected and available only to registered users (project partners or other users specifically authorised by the Administrator).

If you are a Project Partner and you wish to have access to the area, you must Register an account to whom special privileges will be assigned.

The LIFE VOICE Private Area is available at the following Web Address:

The page contains several Forum Areas of different Projects managed by the CREAR, as well as the IMES Master Forum and a Forum on Biomass to energy and also RES in general.

The LIFE VOICE Private Area can be found under the Section Labelled:

In case you are not already registered to the Forum, to activate a new account it is necessary to click on the [Register] link on the top menu of the page.
You will be then redirected to an "Agreement" page.
You have to click on the "I Agree to these terms" link and an e-mail will be composed to be sent to the Forum administrators.
Please Specify in the body of the e-mail that you are a LIFE VOICE Partner!
Send the e-mail and wait for a confirmation (usually within maximum 24 hours) of the activation of the account, that will provide you with a login (in the form name.surname) and a password as well as the possibility to access the LIFE VOICE Private Area.

For instructions on How To Use the Forum Area (based on the World Wide Well Known phpBB Bulletin Board Application) please refer to the on-line guide available thanks to the phpBB group:
Even if the Board is very intuitive to use, in case you need further information visit the phpBB community web site pages related to the use of phpBB here or send (via the board) a private message to the forum administrators and moderators whose usernames are:
  • imesmaster
  • leonardo.nibbi
  • matteo.prussi
Have a nice use/navigation into the LIFE VOICE Private area!

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