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BIO_MGT site installation and integration


The BIO_MGT polygeneration system find an ideal location at the Forteto cooperative in terms of electric power size and heat exhaust recovery for room conditioning (winter/summer) or integrating the request from the agroindustrial process.

The BIO_MGT plant will be integrated in the current energy system of the cooperative “Il Forteto”. As a first estimation, the BIO_MGT demonstration plant will require an overall surface of about 13.5x20 m equipped by a simple type of coverage. This area should also be sufficient for biomass storage as well as for installing the control “room”. This area has been individuated near the present thermal/cooling station, so to facilitate the thermal connection of the BIO_MGT system.

Photo of the Forteto Cooperative. At top-right, the thermal/cooling center and the adjacent area reserved for the BIO_MGT installation are shown

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