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Main Plant Components

The Micro Gas Turbine
  • One stage centrifugal compressor and one stage centripetal turbine

  • Transversal combustion chamber
    • Fuel             Natural gas
    • Net Electric Power    100 kW
    • Heat Recovery        160 kW
    • Net Electric Efficiency     30.0%
    • Size LxPxH        2.0x0.8x1.8 m

  • Modification was implemented to  the gas turbine combustion chamber to remove the internal recuperator and  to accept the preheated air from the HTHE
The BioFurnace
  • Underfeed stoker Furnace designed to produce “clean” exhaust gas at High Temperature
  • Maximum Power:  ca. 500 kW, to produce exhaust gas up-to 850 °C
  • Modification was implemented to use Turbine exhaust gas as combustion air

High Temperature Heat Exchanger
  • Gas to gas heat exchanger:
    • Hot side flows biomass combustion flue gas - Cold side pressurised air (~ 4,5 bar)
    • Typical Shell&Tubes geometry
  • Exchanged thermal power ~ 500 kWth
  • Designed by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for:
    • High reliability
      • Cleaning system, considering the impact of biomass combustion exhaust gas
      • Maximum inlet hot side Temperature up to 850 °C (biomass flue gas)
    • High Effectiveness that affect both plant efficiency and biomass energy contribution

  • Gas-Water heat exchanger (LTHE) for the Heat Recovery system, Extraction fan, Piping, Auxiliary Fans, etc.
  CREAR - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca per le Energie Alternative e Rinnovabili Università di Firenze

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