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Plant Assembly

Plant assembly
The plant has been installed at the local cooperative farm “Il Forteto”, located in Vicchio, near Florence. Il Forteto is also a partner of the BIO_MGT project. This cooperative was chosen to host the plant, because it is a suitable final user as its heat and electrical power demands are nearly constant and wide biomass woods surplus is available on site. Complying with the scope of the project, the layout of the plant was made to obtain easy access to all parts of the plant rather than the compactness of it. About piping design special attention was posed on flange connections and thermal extensions; suitable bellows have been posed along piping to avoid mechanical stresses. To limit pressure loss the diameter of the pipes was maximised and to limit heat losses a proper insulation have been adopted.

The final layout is very close to the designed one. The MGT is located in a separate room in order to avoid any over temperature issue of its package.

The biomass chips storage tank size is large enough to achieve a biomass fuel availability of two weeks (at the design point biomass consumption is about 70 kg/h (see Table I); it can reach 120 kg/h in biomass-only operation).  
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