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The action aims at generating a significant reduction of GHG and other gaseous emissions in decentralised energy generation and transports by:
  • stimulating EU, National and Regional/Provincial (Tuscany, Florence) authorities towards the use of pure Vegetable Oil (VO, also called Pure Plant Oil, PPO) for clean transports and energy generation
  • raising the awareness of these competent bodies, so to create favourable conditions for the establishment of incentive measures in Italy (as already happens in other EU Countries, and not yet in Italy for VO)
  • showing the technical and economical feasibility of extracting and using vegetable oils (other than rape oil) in converted/adapted technologies by adopting innovative system chains and technologies under Southern EU conditions
  • disseminating the results towards farmers, directly involved in the present action, and creating new source of income in the rural areas
  • developing proposals for National and Regional strategies, thus supporting policy measures to be implemented according to the EU Biofuel Directive
  • spreading the results and defining a strategy for the Southern EU and MED Countries by Italian and Portoguese partners

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